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As NERA Engineering; Energy, safety and environment focused solutions for design and installation of hvac, hvac automation, industrial ventilation, fire extinguishing, fire protection, fire detection, compressed air, steam, hot oil, clean water, waste water installations in all buildings, especially in industrial facilities. we offer.

We Have a Wide Working Area

Our Areas of Expertise Air Conditioning (Air Conditioning) Installation, Heating Installation, Ventilation Installation, Fire Extinguishing Installation, Fire Detection and Warning Installation, Compressed Air Installation, Steam Installation, Hot Oil Installation, Stainless Pipe Installation, Industrial Pipe Installation , Industrial Ventilation Installation, Automation, Gas Fire Extinguishing Installation, Hvac, Mechanical Installation Design Engineering and Fire Extinguishing Installation Design Engineering.


Air Conditioning (Heating and Air Conditioning)


Hydronic systems (installations using fan coil, water source heat pump, air handling unit), DX systems (vrf system and split air conditioners, installations using rooftop devices)


Industrial ventilation (local suction) and dust collection system, industrial kitchen ventilation system, general ventilation system



Hydronic systems (fan coil, water source heat pump, air handling unit, radiator, installations using hot air apparatus), DX systems (vrf system and split air conditioners), electric heaters, boiler chimneys

Chilled Water Installation

Air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, absorption chiller, heat pump (heat pump) cooling installations

Hot Water Installation


Natural gas fired boilers, electric boilers, heat pump (heat pump) used heating installations


Sprinkler Installation


Wet, dry, deluge or pre-action water or foam sprinkler installations

Water Spray Installation


Tank cooling, transformer fire extinguishing, conveyor systems

Fire Extinguishing Systems


HFC227ea (FM200) gas fire extinguishing installation, FK-5-1-12 (Novec1230) gas fire extinguishing system, CO2 gas fire extinguishing system, Inert gas fire extinguishing system

Fixed Pipe Fire Protection Installations


Hydrant installation, fire cabinet installation

Fire Water Pressurization Station


NFPA and Turkish Fire Regulations compliant fire pump set installation

Fire Detection and Warning System


Conventional fire detection installations, addressable fire detection installations


Steam Installation


Steam installation, condensate water installation, feed water installations

Compressed Air Installation


Hot Oil Installation


Stainless Piping


Pump Stations



Double and Drinking Water Installation


Water filtering and purification , hot/cold utility water distribution systems, irrigation systems, gray water use systems

Waste Water and Drainage Installation


Domestic and industrial wastewater drainage installation, conventional and siphonic stormwater drainage installation



Elements, software and infrastructure installations required for regional or central control and monitoring of mechanical installation systems